Turf Treatment Services


Your home is your biggest investment. And a beautiful lawn reflects well on it! Knowing what to fertilize your lawn with, what to use for weeds, and how to protect your lawn from turf pest can be confusing. We are here to take that off of your to-do list. We offer an assortment of fertilizers, weed control, turf pest protection, fungicides and disease prevention, shrub and tree programs, and more! Whatever your needs, we have an expertly crafted program that will give you the beautiful lawn you deserve. Your lawn will be the envy of the entire neighborhood! Prepare to recieve a lot of complements!

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We send you a treatment plan to review and answer any questions you may have.

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Vibrant Turf Plan

Our most popular program offers you an elevated value with intensive fertilizer, weed control, turf pest control, and preventative fungicide treatments. With 10 annual treatments we keep your lawn looking great! Prepayment discounts offered when annual program is paid in full.

starting at $59.99


Fertilizer & Weed Control

Fertilizer and proper weed control are vital to the health of your lawn! With so many products to choose from, it can be confusing to know what your lawn needs and when it needs it. Leave the guess work up to us! Our expertly crafted programs deliver exactly what your lawn needs at just the right time. Regular fertilizer and weed control treatments are included in our Vibrant Turf program.



Lawn Disease Prevention
& Treatments

Lawn disease can ravage a once beautiful lawn. Here in the lowcountry, we often have to battle fungus due to the humid climate which contributes to the perfect conditions for fungus to develop. We include regular preventative treatments for fungus in our Vibrant Turf program. We also offer this as a standalone service for those who need lawn disease treated in their lawn. If you suspect you might have a lawn disease, contact us to diagnose and treat it properly!

starting at $79.99


Turf Pest COntrol

Turf pests can destroy your lawn. Grubs, army worms, and mole crickets are common culprits of much of the turf damage we see in the lowcountry. We treat regularly for turf pests in our Vibrant Turf program. We also offer these as standalone treatments. Rest assured that the treatment methods we use are not harmful to you or your pets!

starting at $59.99


Mosquito Treatment Plan

Tired of mosquitos? We are too! They can ruin your time outdoors. Mosquitos can cause terrible welts and can even carry disease. Our kid and pet safe mosquito treatments can solve that problem for you. You deserve to be able to enjoy your time in your own yard! We can help with our 6 treatment program. Prepayment discounts offered when annual program is paid in full.

starting at $79.99


Shrub & Ornamental Tree Programs

Healthy shrubs and ornamental shrubs add to the beauty of your landscape. Soil conditions, bugs, fungus, and disease can serverly threaten the health of your shrubs and trees. Our quarterly program of fertilizers, horticultural oils, insecticide, and fungicides keep your plants protected and your landscape looking great! Prepayment discounts offered when annual program is paid in full.

starting at $129.99


Soil Testing & Amendments

All lawn soils pose their own unique challenges, so the first step to a healthy lawn routine is understanding what your lawn soil is made of.

 A soil test will also indicate your soil’s current pH, macronutrients, and micronutrients that naturally exist in your lawn. This data will tell us what to add to achieve the correct pH and nutrient levels with strategies like soil amendments, as well as helping us choose the proper fertilizer for your lawn. When you make adjustments according to what the test shows, it sets your lawn up to better absorb the fertilizer treatments durring the growing season. It also creates better conditions to ward off weeds and turf pests.

starting at $149.99

core aeration.png

Core Aeration

Regular core aeration is vital to the health of your lawn. Aeration decompacts the soil allowing room for the roots of your grass to grow and allows fertilizer and nutrients to reach deeper into the ground. Aeration also improves water absorbtion and reduces run off. Give your lawn the leg up it needs by scheduling an annual core aeration!

starting at $179.99