What To Look For When Choosing A Lawn Care Provider - 6 Questions To Ask When Hiring

Your home is likely your biggest asset and biggest investment. You want your lawn to look great and to represent you and your home well. Caring for your lawn yourself can be challenging and time consuming, stealing from time you could be spending with your family.

For many homeowners, working with a professional lawn care provider is the way to go. The key word there is "Professional". Sometimes it seems like everyone and his brother has a lawn care company. So how can you determine if you are really hiring a professional that you can trust?

  1. How long have they been in business? Ask how long your potential provider has been in business. You want to trust your lawn to an experienced professional.

  2. Do they have a web site? If not, it's very unlikely that you are dealing with a true professional.

  3. How are their online reviews? Most true professionals have customers who have reviewed their services. A quick Google search should help you find them.

  4. Are they insured? One of the most crucial things to find out before hiring a lawn care provider is to make sure they are properly insured. A professional lawn service will have liability insurance and workman's comp insurance on their employees. A lawn service not having these insurances can leave a homeowner vulnerable in case of an accident. Be wary of using a company that you suspect pays employees under the table or does not pay them as W-2 employees, as insurance companies may not cover injuries of these workers. A true professional should have no problem producing proof of insurance.

  5. How do they communicate? How well does the lawn care professional communicate with you? Are you able to communicate clearly your wants and concerns? Are they good about letting you know when they will be servicing your property? Do they respond quickly when you need to communicate?

  6. How does their work look? Does the lawn care professional have pictures of their work available? Or do you see them servicing lawns in your community? If so, take note of how these lawns look as it is a good indicator of how your lawn will look if they service it.

You want to enjoy your yard, not worry about the lawn service you hired to keep it looking great. If you ask these questions when making your hiring decision, you should find a true professional who will put you at ease and take great care of your lawn. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your summer!

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